Why You Should Never Be Ashamed of Seeking Help

Being human can be hard. We have these things called thoughts and emotions that have a grip on our wellbeing. If you’re like me, you may have a past or current history of mental health issues. Those issues, or mental illnesses, often occur when those same thoughts and emotions are set off by internal or external triggers.

In this motivating story, Jeremy shares his past experiences to recovery, and his tips on ways to seek help.

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The Winds of Uncertainty

I’ve been thinking of sharing this part of my life for a while now. At first, I couldn’t find the purpose nor the confidence in doing so, but now I think sharing one’s experiences is important and meaningful. I hope it will help those needing some inspiration through hard times.

Read this inspiring story by Renuka on how she overcame the impacts of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and depression, and how she motivates herself to push through life’s unforeseen circumstances.

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On Learning to Rest and Not to Quit - Alyson's Story

Alyson Hoy is a writer and scholar from Vancouver, BC. She shared her mental health story with Outrun the Stigma because she believes that "sharing our stories is a means by which to overcome the shame associated with having mental illness, as well as to build community by connecting and bearing witness to the struggles of others".

Read her story on her struggles with suicidal ideation, an eating disorder, and how she is building resiliency.

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End The Stigma: Siobhan's Story

'Successful UCalgary Staff member, loving daughter and wife, diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder'.

UCalgary Alumni staff member Siobhan Doherty shares her story on her experiences with Bipolar 2, Depression and Anxiety and mental health stigma. Hear about her struggle with Bipolar 2, her healing journey, and how she is working to break the stigma around mental illness. 

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A Parent's Perspective - Cyberbullying: The Hidden Danger of Social Media

Cyberbullying can have huge impacts on the mental health and well-being of children of all ages. Many parents struggle to understand how to help their children and protect them against cyberbullying.

Hear from guest blogger Janice Miller on tips to help families prevent cyberbullying and create positive environments to talk about it!

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