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On Learning to Rest and Not to Quit - Alyson's Story

Alyson Hoy is a writer and scholar from Vancouver, BC. She shared her mental health story with Outrun the Stigma because she believes that "sharing our stories is a means by which to overcome the shame associated with having mental illness, as well as to build community by connecting and bearing witness to the struggles of others".

Read her story on her struggles with suicidal ideation, an eating disorder, and how she is building resiliency.

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Canada Day 150: Celebrate without Sacrificing your Mental Health

Canada Day 150 is a wonderful opportunity to initiate conversations on the impact of Canada’s past and present on Canadians’ mental health. As you celebrate, engage in activism and resistance, or observe all the amazing things happening on Canada Day, we encourage you to remember to take care of your own mental health and the mental health of those around you. Here are five tips to help you care for your own well-being today!

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