Together We Can End Mental Health Stigma



The Annual Run/Walk for Mental Health

Outrun the Stigma began in October 2013 at the University of Calgary as an annual mental health run / walk.
Three years later, we are still working hard to end the stigma through our events and online platforms. 

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Our Impact

Our goal is to reduce mental health stigma by hosting annual Outrun the Stigma event runs and hosting an online story sharing platform. We began in Calgary, and so far have expanded to Edmonton and Toronto with more cities throughout Canada coming in the next years.

We also fulfill this mission by:

  • Using our website and social media platforms, we encourage sharing of diverse mental health stories

  • Connecting people with mental health resources and support

  • Funding organizations that provide mental health services and programs



Thousand Dollars Raised

To support the efforts of Distress Centre Calgary and CMHA Edmonton.



Years Fighting Mental Health Stigma

Beginning as a student group at the University of Calgary and then transitioning to a not-for-profit in May 2016.



Students, community members, and volunteers brought together

To join in our annual walk/run's in Calgary and Edmonton.


We want to fight mental health stigma in communities across canada.  

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October 2017

My self-worth and identity are not tied to mental illness, but rather to family, friends, and relationships that shape me.

Steven Planden's Story / Read Full Story



Get Involved

Let's Outrun the Stigma together.


Share Your Story

You're not alone. When you share your story you can give hope to people who are going through similar situations to you.

Volunteer opportunities

We run various projects throughout the year as well as our annual runs. If you have an interest in helping us, read on.

Make a Donation

Donations are used to support our mental health story sharing initiatives, annual run/walk events, and other activities.