Join Us on October 21, 2018 to end the stigma of mental illness

Our Calgary Chapter is based at the University of Calgary. Since 2013, the Distress Centre Calgary has been our community partner and recipient of funds raised at our annual Outrun the Stigma Calgary event.

THANK YOU CALGARY! At our 2017 event we raised over $32,000 for Distress Centre Calgary! But our work is far from being done.

Let us work together to continue conversations about mental health and promote local resources! Click on the link below to register or donate to Outrun the Stigma Calgary 2018.

Calgary Chapter Team

Learn about the motivated group of University of Calgary students leading the Calgary Chapter and planning Outrun the Stigma Calgary 2018.

Calgary Mental Health Events

Learn about mental health events organized and hosted in Calgary by the Calgary Chapter, Outrun the Stigma not-for-profit team, and other amazing community organizations and groups.

Outrun the Stigma Calgary 2018 Event Information

Check here for the latest information on the sixth annual Outrun the Stigma Calgary 2018.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always interested in engaging volunteers in our events and activities!