Outrun the Stigma would not be where it is today without the generous help and support of these awesome people that believe in our vision.  All of them gave their time and energy to help us build the organization from the ground up.

Jonah Ardiel: Sponsorship and Strategy

"Jonah graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce concentration in Marketing from the the University of Calgary in 2016.  While at the University of Calgary, Jonah served as the VP Student Life at Students’ Union. Jonah is a committed marathon runner and has participated in two Outrun the Stigma events in Calgary. Jonah has been one of the most supportive advocates of Outrun the Stigma since the very beginning and was crucial in the development of our sponsorship strategy and consulted with Leah, Amy, and Gabby as we developed our strategic plan!" - Co-Executive Director Amy Li

Eddie Jaworenko: The Designer

"Eddie is a multidisciplinary designer currently enrolled as a student at the Alberta College of Art and Design. His goal there is the strengthening his metalwork skills and creative abilities. Eddie has been pivotal to helping our team reinvent our brand by facilitating the redesign of our logo, the relaunch of our website, and the development of our sponsorship package and handbook.  By guiding our team through discussion of our values, intentions, voice, and direction, Eddie translated our ideas and depth into a visual representation of our brand.  We are excited and proud that people are able to see, learn, feel, and understand our brand as clearly as we do!  You've already seen Eddie's design talent on our website, but you can see more of his work and contact him for a design inquiries here." - Co-Executive Director Leah Shipton

Yasamin Mahjou: Mental Health Expo

"Yasamin was a founding member of Outrun the Stigma when it was a club initiative at the University of Calgary!  For the first three Outrun the Stigma events, Yasasmin was crucial to developing the idea and groundwork for the Mental Health Expo.  Yasamin is currently studying medicine at the University of Alberta, and our team is proud to follow her journey!" - Co-Executive Director Amy Li


 Angela with her mother and grandmother at Earth Cravings.

Angela with her mother and grandmother at Earth Cravings.

Angela Villavicencio-REQUIS: The Connection

"Angela was a founding member of the Mental Health Awareness club initiative involved in starting Outrun the Stigma.  Angela introduced Amy and Leah in 2013, presidents of the clubs Distress Centre on Campus and Mental Health Awareness, respectively, who immediately joined forces to launch the collaborative initiative, Outrun the Stigma.  Although Angela is not directly involved with Outrun the Stigma not-for-profit, her role in connecting these clubs and her passion for our cause continues to inspire our team!  Angela is now the owner of Earth Cravings, a delicious health food restaurant located in Symons Valley Ranch Farmers' Market in Calgary. You can find more details about Earth Cravings online here and on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. " - Co-Executive Director Leah Shipton



Manasi Mahashbdé: Logistics EXTRAORDINAIRE 

Manasi is an Outrun the Stigma original.  As a founding member of Outrun the Stigma – when it was a student club initiative – Manasi poured her passion, ingenuity, and talents into developing and organizing the event logistics.  From booking space and equipment and obtaining permits to recruiting, orienting, and organizing volunteers – Manasi made sure we had an event to invite people to.  Then, after we transitioned to a not-for-profit, Manasi channeled her knowledge and the team’s knowledge into creating the Outrun the Stigma Handbook – a “how to” guide that will be used by each of our Chapter committees to plan Outrun the Stigma run events across Canada.  Most importantly, Manasi’s brought her collaborative nature, enthusiastic spirit, and warmth to build the foundation of Outrun the Stigma.  We are cheering her on as she continues her education and cannot wait to see what great work she has ahead of her next!