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A Little Conversation Goes A Long Way

“There exists a strong stigma towards mental health in the South Asian community; many either decide to believe that it doesn’t exist or that it is negligible in the lives of both teenagers and adults. Since there is a limited opportunity to succeed in these countries, the culture becomes shifted amongst first-generation children to fall in line with the expectations of their superiors. It is true that being at the top of the intellectual totem pole will well-serve one later in life, but at what cost?”

Read this inspiring story, where Surya gives his perspective of struggling with mental health, both as a student and a member of the South Asian community.

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Suicidal at Twelve

Eleven years ago, when I was twelve, I sat down with my dad and told him I wanted to commit suicide. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know the proper words to describe it. I knew that I was feeling something other kids my age weren’t. That was the problem: I felt something, but I didn’t know what that feeling was.

Read Mariyah’s story, where she shares her struggles with depression and suicide, and how she’s overcome the challenges of opening up to her parents.

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Blessed with an Illness

I would not be in the place I am right now if I had not taken the steps I did to battle my illness. I have had a long, tiring journey to get where I am - about six years to be exact. Although I am in the process of recovery, I have made an impact by helping others in their own struggles, trying to be a positive source of light to people around me, and taking the time to be empathetic to everyone.

Read Angel’s inspiring story, where she shares her struggles with depression and anxiety, and how she’s overcome them through therapy. Angel now uses her experiences to advocate for and inspire those who struggle with mental illness.

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My Experience to Befriend Dysthymic Disorder

Before I begin my story, I’d like to remind you that I write this not to blame or accuse anyone who is involved in this story. I am writing this story to increase mental health awareness, and reduce the stigma and prejudice surrounding mental illness in Indonesia.

Read the following story, where Bhakti shares his struggles with depression and how he’s trying to overcome.

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