Faces of Mental Health - Lindsey's Story

Mental illness is not anonymous. Those who struggle have names and faces, lives and families, passions and challenges. To help break the stigma, the Outrun the Stigma Edmonton planning committee reached out to the University of Alberta community to share stories on mental health.

Hear their stories and their experiences.


I have dermatillomania (i.e. compulsive skin picking/body-focused repetitive behaviour). Living a decade with a mental illness that most people have never heard of has been challenging in terms of seeking help. I’ve been (incorrectly) categorized under some familiar disorders like OCD and anxiety, but I’ve yet to come across affordable options specific to my needs or meet a professional that has experience working with disorders like mine.

I’ve done a lot of reading, hard work, and self-reflection to get a firm grasp on my personal manifestation of the disorder. The most helpful thing I’ve learned though is the importance of opening up about my struggle to people I trust. It hasn’t been easy, mostly because it takes people a while to start understanding it, but I’ve gotten better at being patient, and pushing through the discomfort to a place of confidence and ownership over my mental health. With all mental illness, it’s important to maintain an open and honest dialogue, but I believe it’s especially important to discuss the ones lacking understanding, so they too can be brought into the conversation. 


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