Calgary Chapter Team

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(Left) Courtney, Sara (Right)

Sara and Courtney started as ambassadors for Outrun the Stigma and enjoyed working towards reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. The following year, they both applied to be on the 2017 planning committee. Sara was hired onto the Promotions and Communications team while Courtney was hired onto the Sponsorship and Finance team. This year they are happy to be leading the planning committee as Co-chairs. Their passion for mental health awareness and their past experience on the planning committee both inspired them to advocate for mental health awareness. Sara is currently going into the fifth year of her Psychology and Sociology degree, and Courtney is going into the fifth year of her Commerce degree with a concentration in Finance.

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Communications and Promotions

(Left) Alisha, Sheleza, Cailin, Agnes (Right)

Hello everyone! We are the Communications and Promotions team for the Outrun the Stigma Calgary chapter! We are so excited to be apart of this year’s planning committee! We have a lot of exciting ideas for this year coming your way! Follow our journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at:

Facebook - Outrun the Stigma

Twitter - @Otscalgary

Instagram - @Otscalgary

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Community Outreach

(Left) Brianne, Abhishek, Cynthia, Jessica, Alex (Right)

As a part of the Community Outreach Team we plan logistics, recruit organizations, and coordinate the mental health expo, a post-run fair that hosts local mental health organizations and interactive activities. We also recruit, and coordinate speakers and performers for the event. With this years run being off campus we hope to make the 2018 expo bigger and better than ever. We look forward to seeing you there!

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(Left) Haris, Sandra, Masooma (Right)

The Design Team is composed of three creative minds that help OTS by creating all the promotional material for social media, banners, and posters. The Design Team also works very closely with the Promotions Team to help OTS run smoothly.

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(Left) Jena, Stephanie, Ayesha (Right)

The Logistics Team helps OTS to run smoothly by performing tasks such as booking space and furniture, planning the day, and recruiting and coordinating volunteers. The 2018 Calgary Chapter team has four members: Jena, Stephanie, Ayesha, and Emily. Jena has just finished her first year of her honours neuroscience degree at UCalgary; this is her first year working with OTS. Stephanie has just completed her honours psychology degree at UCalgary; this is her first year working with OTS. Ayesha has just completed her honours microbiology degree at UCalgary; this is her second year working with OTS. Emily (not pictured) is currently studying abroad and finishing her honours neuroscience degree; this is her third year working with OTS.

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Sponsorship and Finance

(Left) Mandy, Megan, Kaylee (Right)

We are Mandy, Megan, and Kaylee from the Sponsorship and Finance team! We are so excited to be be working on finding this years awesome prizes for Outrun the Stigma, so stay tuned for a list of who our amazing sponsors will be this year! We work closely with the rest of the team to balance the budget and make sure that every run is better than the last.