Calgary Chapter Team

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Hi everyone! We’re Kaylee (L) and Emily (R), the 2019 Outrun the Stigma Calgary Co-Chairs! We are both passionate about mental health and mental health advocacy, and we’re so excited to lead this year’s planning committee! Kaylee is a graduate of the Biological Sciences program currently currently work at ATB Financial, and Emily is a graduate of the Neuroscience program and currently working as a Research Assistant. You can contact us at

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Dvij, Abhishek, and Jenn - we are three science students enthusiastic to make a positive impact on mental health awareness. Each of us brings diverse experiences to form a dynamic team focused on developing community engagement around mental health.

Interestingly, we have been working within a few meters of each other over the past couple of years without even knowing it; our work on this project has brought us together. Our work this year would involve planning and organizing the annual mental health expo. We are excited to present you with an unforgettable experience this October, and hope to see you all there!



I am studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Calgary. I love to volunteer and give back to the community. I joined OTS because I strongly believe in supporting a cause that affects everyone and raising awareness related to mental health. This is my second year with OTS. Being part of OTS has given me a chance to become part of a passionate team working towards creating a supportive environment for the community. A fun fact about myself is that I love painting and landscape photography.

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The logistics team helps OTS to run smoothly by performing tasks such as booking space and furniture, planning the day, and recruiting and coordinating volunteers. The 2019 Calgary Chapter team has three members: Keelan, Jena, and Ayesha. Keelan (left) has just completed his third year of chemical engineering at UCalgary; this is his first year working with OTS. Jena (right) has just finished her second year of her honours neuroscience degree at UCalgary; and this is her second year working with OTS. Ayesha (middle) has completed her honours microbiology degree at UCalgary; this is her third year working with OTS.

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From left to right: Fahad, Emily H., AgnesHi everyone, we are this year’s OTS Calgary Promotions/Communications Team. We will be actively spreading positivity and sharing all important information about our event through all types of media. Our goal is to reach out to all of you city-wide to join us in raising mental health awareness and outrunning the stigma in October.

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Sponsorship and Finance

I am excited to continue to find awesome prizes for Outrun the Stigma this year, so stay tuned to look for a list of our amazing sponsors! I will also be working closely with the rest of the team to balance the budget and make sure that every run continues to go smoothly.