YurPearls Contest

Share your pearls of wisdom on mental health! We're partnering with YurPearls during June 2017 to give away three pairs of gorgeous pearl stud earrings.

From June 5 - 30 share your mental health tips, tricks, and experiences on social media with the hashtag #pearlsofwisdom and tag Outrun the Stigma and YurPearls on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Three lucky winners will be selected by random draw on July 2nd.

How to Participate

To participate, create a post on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram that shares a ‘pearl of wisdom’ you have learned through your experiences with mental health or mental illness. Your ‘pearl of wisdom’ can be anything; an anecdote about your experiences, a quote that resonates with you, an image that gives you hope, etc. Sample posts from some members of our team are included below to provide inspiration, but we encourage you to get creative! When creating your post be sure to add the hashtag #pearlsofwisdom and to tag @outrunthestigma and YurPearls (account information below) on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in your post. You can post one entry per day on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account (three entries total). Please note that you have to follow YurPearls and Outrun the Stigma on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be entered! Good luck!


1. Follow YurPearls and Outrun the Stigma on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

2. Create your post on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram

3. Make sure you add the hashtag #pearlsofwisdomcontenst and tag @outrunthestigma and YurPearls in your post (please note: you only need to tag YurPearls on Facebook and Twitter!)

4. Create your post and you're done!

Contest Rules

Contest participants must be reside in Canada or the United States to be eligible to participate. Contestants are limited to one entry on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (three entries total) per day from June 5-30: cross-posting on multiple accounts per social media platform will result in participants being suspended from the contest. To honour content creators and artists, participants are asked to utilize only original work or images and videos utilized with permission and appropriate attribution to original artists and content creators in their posts: for more information on licensing and attribution best practices please visit this website. Participants are also asked to refrain from using coarse language or content in their posts, and to ensure language and messaging is non-stigmatizing. Participants are required to be following or like the Outrun the Stigma and YurPearls social media accounts on the platform they are posting to (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) to be entered in the contest. Participants are eligible to win one of three pairs of pearl earrings donated by YurPearls.

About YurPearls

YurPearls is a family-run small business, specialising in cultured freshwater pearl jewelry. YurPearls is a social enterprise that focuses on empowering low-income rural workers in China’s pearl industry to live a better life, and to empower low-income women in Canada by donating their products. Specializing in high-quality, beautiful products, YurPearls combines beauty with empowerment. To learn more about YurPearls and their business model and corporate-social-responsibility measures please visit their website.  

Why our Partnership?

Our team was approached by YurPearls in 2017 to discuss a potential partnership between our organisations to support the goals of our organisations. Through working with YurPearls, Outrun the Stigma is working to support a local small business focusing on empowerment and social responsibility, and to focus on the beauty, resiliency, and strength found within the mental health community. Through this contest campaign, our goal is to increase dialogue around the beauty and wisdom that can be found in the mental health community and to encourage our community members to search within themselves for the beauty within. We are delighted to be able to partner with our friends at YurPearls and support their business model and goals while starting dialogue in our own community.

Why ‘Pearls of Wisdom’?

As our team began our partnership with YurPearls, we were struck by the similarity between pearls and the wisdom they symbolise in many cultures, and the experiences of those struggling with mental health or mental illness. Pearls begin as specks of sand or grit that irritate the oysters or mollusk that creates them; over time the mollusk coats them in a fine layer of pearl sheen that builds up, layer by layer, to create a beautiful pearl. We could not think of a more fitting allegory for the wisdom that many of our community members have found: taking something that causes pain, irritation and frustration and turning that experience into something beautiful and precious. To celebrate the beauty that our community members find and create for themselves out of their struggle we wanted to showcase these ‘pearls of wisdom’ and encourage you to share them with the world. Open up, and often you will find something beautiful inside.

I bring a notebook with me everywhere I go to write down ideas, reflections, but also to get out any negative or anxious thoughts. It's a daily practice for mental wellness that I trust.  #pearlsofwisdomcontest 

I bring a notebook with me everywhere I go to write down ideas, reflections, but also to get out any negative or anxious thoughts. It's a daily practice for mental wellness that I trust.


Check out a pearl of wisdom from Leah, our Co-Executive Director and Co-Founder!


Email us at info@outrunthestigma.ca or send us a message over Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck!

Account Information

Please make sure to tag these accounts when making posts on the appropriate social media platforms!

Outrun the Stigma

@outrunthestigma (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Yur Pearls

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