Diversity of Our Mental Health Stories

Outrun the Stigma Story Sharing Contest



Email us at stories@outrunthestigma.ca with any questions or concerns - a member of our story sharing team will be happy to connect with you!


Diversity of Our Mental Health Stories is a story sharing contest promoted by the Outrun the Stigma Youth and Community Empowerment Team to collect diverse mental health stories from our Chapter communities.

Outrun the Stigma aims to raise mental health awareness through our annual run and online story-sharing platform. In raising awareness, we hope to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues and increase help-seeking. Story-sharing has positive impacts on both individuals and communities; it can help decrease isolation, build solidarity, reduce stigma, and challenges the stereotypes associated with mental illness. We share our stories from community members worldwide on the Outrun the Stigma Blog (http://www.outrunthestigma.ca/blog/), social media, and other creative projects in the community. These stories range from in-depth reflections of personal experiences, quotes, to creative and educational expressions.

We would like to extend an invitation to Outrun the Stigma Calgary and Edmonton Chapter members to share their mental health experience(s) and/or motivation to participate in the run. To acknowledge their contributions, the finalists will receive a monetary reward. Two awards are available, one for each participating Outrun the Stigma chapter valued at $75 in addition to a Certificate of Recognition. Recipients of the award will be contacted two months following the Outrun the Stigma runs in their respective chapters.  

Applicants and winners will have the option of allowing their story to be shared on the Outrun the Stigma blog and/or via social media.                        


Read through the full contest description document. Ensure you meet all necessary terms and conditions as outlined in the contest description document before submitting. The application deadline is January 10, 2019 at 11:59 PM. No late applications will be accepted.

Please submit your completed story, application form and terms and conditions form via email to stories@outrunthestigma.ca with the subject line: Mental Health Story Competition_[First and Last Name]_[Chapter City]

E.g. Mental Health Story Competition_John Smith_Calgary

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